e like sandwiches. In fact, we have traveled the world in the search of the greatest sandwiches. And over the years, we have had some pretty good ones. From the traditional delicatessens of New York, to the old-school sandwich makers of Detroit, we have tried them all. Finally, after years of searching, we decided to take the best parts of our favorite sandwiches and build the perfect sandwich right here in Birmingham.

We formed Max's Delicatessen. The mission of Max's Delicatessen is to give Birminghamians the ultimate dining experience by combining historic deli offerings with contemporary cuisine. To make the perfect sandwich, we do everything the old fashioned way. We bake the breads in house, we slow cook our soups from scratch, we slice all our own meats, we pickle the veggies, and we custom build every sandwich for each customer.

Everything in Max's Delicatessen is fresh. Nothing in the whole restaurant comes out of plastic except for the mustard!

The portions at Maxs are huge. Our signature cut-to-order pastrami and freshly sliced corned beef sandwiches are unparalleled and our desserts are divine. You will not leave Maxs Delicatessen hungry.

We sweat all the details. Our authentic soup recipes are the result of many years of dining experience. We've painstakingly selected just the exact mixtures that make your taste buds tingle.